GMO Pork? No thanks!

There is no genetically modified pork approved for sale in Canada, so far, but most of the pork sold in large grocery stores is produced on factory farms that have significant environmental impacts.

Factory farms also focus on just a few breeds of pigs which have been bred to withstand intensive production.

To support genetic diversity and healthy ecosystems with your consumer dollar, seek out sources of pork that use smaller scale, ecological farming methods and heritage breeds of pigs.


The Canadian standard for certified organic production specifically excludes genetically modified organisms, and recommends the use of livestock breeds that are adapted to organic production systems. Livestock breeds chosen for organic production should be adapted to local conditions and should have the characteristics of vitality and resistance to disease and the absence of disease and health problems specific to breeds or strains (page 10, Organic Production Systems General Principles and Management Standards PDF). The organic standard also calls for a feed ration balanced to meet the animals' nutritional requirements and for pigs it mentions the need for vegetable matter other than grain (page 12). The number of animals on an organic farm in relation to the space available for raising them also must be appropriate to local conditions, feed production capacity, livestock health, nutrient balance of livestock and soils, and environmental impact. (page 16).

Heritage Breeds

Heritage breeds are generally raised outdoors and on smaller mixed farms. The animals are well adapted to outdoor life, and thrive on a varied diet. Because smaller numbers of animals are kept on each farm, it is possible to balance manure output and the farm's crop fertilizer needs. When manure is composted, rather than liquified, manure management is even more environmentally friendly.

Find the meat you want to eat

To find sources of organic and heritage breed pork near you, check out the Eat Well Guide or Beyond Factory Farming's Buy Local Directory.

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