Stop Enviropig approval

If you do not want to have genetically engineered farm animals in Canada's food and agriculture system, it will be necessary to take your concerns into the public sphere and become active.

Learn about the issue, inform your networks and send a message to the decision-makers. Beyond Factory Farming is working with the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network in a joint campaign to stop Enviropig™ and prevent future genetically modified food animals (and fish) from becoming approved and marketed in, and from Canada.

Inform yourself

You can read more detailed information in the backgrounder, "Enviropig™: Genetically Engineering Pigs to Support Industrial Agriculture". This seven-page document answers the questions:

  • What is Enviropig™?
  • Is Enviropig™ An Environmental Solution?
  • Who "Created" and Owns Enviropig™?
  • Is Enviropig™ Safe?
  • When will Enviropig™ be on the market?
  • Do Farmers Need Enviropig™?

For on-going information and updates on new developments on this file, join our email list-serve.

For a global perspective on corporate control of livestock genetics, see Livestock breeding in the hands of corporations an article published in Seedling, January 2008.

Write to the Minister of Health

Write a letter to the federal Minister of Health and ask her to reject the request to approve "Enviropig™" for human consumption. This letter includes opposition to GM fish, which comes under the same regulatory category as genetically engineered pigs. Your letter will be copied to key bureaucrats in the Ministry as well as the Health critics in the other federal parties.

Spread the word

The resources on our website are available to be downloaded so you can print them and distribute them to your own networks.

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